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Steve and I really wanted to thank you for making our wedding cake, it was beautiful and everyone really enjoyed it. We really appreciate all of the hard work that went into it. 

- October 2018


Finally after a long and amazing week I can write a huge thank you for your wonderful creation. The cake was amazing, taste, presentation, design - everything

- September 2018


Our wedding cake was so good, everyone loved it.

- August 2018


Thank you for making our wedding cake. It looked and tasted amazing. All our guests commented


Thank you for the delicious and beautifully decorated cake.

- May 2018


Just to say thank you for the lovely cake which everyone said was delicious.

- June 2018


The cake was amazing and every bit has been eaten, thank you for a fabulous creation.

- Jan 2018


Thank you so much for the cake everyone absolutely loved it.

- Jan 2018


Thank you for my daughters wedding cake; it looked and tasted lovely.

- June 2018


Thank you so much for the cake, it was beautiful and I am happy to recommend you.

- July 2018


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful cake. So original and professionally made.

Billy Book Birthday Cake - July 2017


Absolutely delighted with the cake.

Jewellery Case Birthday Cake - July 2017

A Happy BrideA Happy Bride

The cake was truly stunning. Much bigger and striking than anticipated. Many thanks for creating my dream wedding cake.

Wedding Cake - 2017


It was a fabulous cake!

Game of Thrones Cake - May 2017


The cake was beautiful and much admired.

Arsenal Gift Cake - May 2017

A Happy FamilyA Happy Family

The cake was great and Dad loved it.

Dog Birthday Cake - May 2017


Thank you so much for the cake it was delicious.

Race Track Birthday Cake - February 2017


My Dad really liked it and it was tasty.

Boat Birthday Cake - June 2017


The cake was fantastic - thank you.

2 Tier Wedding Cake with Lace and Roses - May 2017


Just to let you know the cake was wonderful and well appreciated by all.

Single Tier Wedding Cake with Flower - January 2017


The cake was fantastic - I will certainly use you again.

2 Tier Wedding Cake with Lace and Flowers - June 2017

Geoff and JaneGeoff and Jane

Thank you for such a wonderful cake - the three flavours were a great success.

3 Tier Wedding Cake with Flowers - June 2017


I wanted to get in touch to say how pleased we were with the cake. It looked and tasted amazing.

Gold Wedding Cake with Roses - June 2017


A huge thank you for the cake - it was beautiful.

25th Anniversary Cake - Jan 2017


I want to say thank you for everything - I greatly appreciate your professionalism.

Baby Cake - June 2017


The cake was the star of the show - it even brought a tear to my Dads eye.

Black and White Photo Cake - April 2017


The cake looked amazing and tasted delicious - thank you.

Red with Black Lace Cake - February 2017


Wow - not what I expected at all - it looked amazing. Thank you for going the extra mile and doing this so quickly and delivering on a holiday. You Rock!

Purple Lace Cake - May 3017


The Cake was fantastic - everybody liked it very much.

Naked Cake - May 2017

A Happy ClientA Happy Client

The cake was absolutely delicious!

Frozen Queen Elsa Cake - May 2017


The cake was lovely - thank you.

Blue Gift Style Cake - May 2017


The cake was fantastic - exactly what I wanted and very well received. Thank you!

Running Shoe Cake - Feb 2017


Just to say my Mum loved her cake. Thank you so much.

Purple Bow Cake - Feb 2017


My son absolutely loved it - it was a great success and we ate all of it.

HP Cake - April 2017


It was lovely - thank you!

Big 30 Cake - June 2017

David MillsDavid Mills

The cake absolutely made the day.

Military Birthday Cake - November '16

A Happy CustomerA Happy Customer

Thank you so much for your great correspondence, amazing cake and great service!

60th birthday cake


The taste was perfect - not too sweet. I don't normally eat cake but I ate another 2 slices at midnight!

Piano Birthday Cake - September '16


It was fabulous- thank you very much. My dad was so pleased and impressed with it - especially the plane. He is very into cake and couldn't have been happier.

Aeroplane Birthday Cake - September '16


Thank you the cake was amazing - my dad and everyone loved it.

Benidorm - November '16


The cake was incredible- thank you!

Pink Ferrero Rocher Birthday Cake - December '16


It was excellent - your cakes are the best I ever tasted - great job. Thank you again for your great service.

Red and White Birthday Cake - October '16


I wanted to write to you - the cake was great and very tasty. Thank you very much - it was impressive.

Kimono Birthday Cake - October '16


Thank you so much for the cake- my father was very happy and emotional.

Children's Picture Birthday Cake - July '16


Very, Very nice - lovely outside and inside.

Leopard Birthday Cake - October '16


I would like to extend to you a very big thank you for a wonderful cake. It was delicious and needless to say it didn't last long.

Purple Lace Birthday Cake - October '16


The cake went down a treat - absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

Gold Bow Birthday Cake - September '16


Andrew loved his cake and I must say we all enjoyed eating it. Thank you so much for making Andrews birthday!

Train Birthday Cake - May '16


He was delighted and it was also really yummy. Thank you so much.

Cyclist Cake - July '16


Just wanted to say thank you for the birthday cake. I didn't have a clue what to expect but it was brilliant.

Drumming Birthday Cake - August '16


The cake was lovely and my dad was blown away!

Green 3 Tier Birthday Cake - August '16

Lilly and DavidLilly and David

The cake was fantastic - thank you.

Pearls and Swathes Cake - December '16


The cake was wonderful...

Ruffled Cake With Flowers - August '16

A Newly Married CoupleA Newly Married Couple

I would like to thank you for the lovely wedding cake. It not only looked great but the flavours were wonderful and the sponge was soft and moist. The colour and flower detail were exactly what we were looking for.

Rebecca and AnthonyRebecca and Anthony

Everyone loved our cake - thank you very much for everything.

Butterfly Wedding Cake - Sep '16


A delicious and beautiful birthday cake with excellent service. Thank you!

30th Flower Cake - April '16

A Happy CustomerA Happy Customer

It was fabulous Doreen and my husband loved it!

Fish Cake - April '16

A Happy WifeA Happy Wife

Thank you for the lovely cake you made for my husbands 75th - it was amazing and he loved it.

June 2016

Bay RadioBay Radio

They were absolutely beautiful- thank you!

Cupcakes - April '16


Everyone was really impressed with the cake - some people knew you by reputation. The sugar work was incredible and a lot of people thought the flowers were real.

Gold Lace Cake - April '16


The birthday cake and the cupcakes were lovely. The birthday girl certainly enjoyed the Pina Colada cupcakes. Should I ever need a cake whilst in Benidorm I will certainly get in touch and pass your details to my friends.

Red Roses Cake - May '16


We were over the moon with the cake - so many people admired it and it was just what we asked for.

Luggage Cake - May 2016


I would like to thank you for the lovely wedding cake. It not only looked great but the flavours were wonderful and the sponge soft and moist. The colour and flower detail were beautiful and exactly what we asked for It was part of a great day.

Blue Peony Cake - May 2016


The cake was fantastic - thank you very much. It went down well with everyone.

Ruffled Wedding Cake - May 2016

Ian and AlfredoIan and Alfredo

We have just celebrated our first anniversary with some of the wedding cake you made for us a year ago and it tasted better than ever.

Black and White Cake - May 2016


Thanks so much for the cake it was really amazing - the clients loved it and said it was absolutely perfect.

Rugby Ball Cake - March 2016


Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday cake. My son was absolutely made up with it and couldn't believe how good it was. It tasted lovely and kept moist for days.

Scooter Ramp Cake - March 2016


We are just having the remains of the cake in the sunshine. We really liked it so wanted to thank you.

Orchid Cake - Feb 2016


The cake was a hit :). All the kids loved him! It was also very tasty. You have a great talent there - thank you.

BB-8 Droid Cake - Feb 2016


Everyone thought the cake was marvellous - thank you. The flavours were great together and you made it exactly as I wanted it.

Snowdrop Cake - Jan 2016


Once again my clients were very impressed - it was absolutely marvellous. I am sure I will be in touch again soon with more orders and shall certainly recommend you to others as the cakes you make are really fantastic!

Black Forest Gateau - March 2016

Anthony and LoraineAnthony and Loraine

I want to thank you for the perfect wedding cake. It was not only beautiful but really delicious. Thank you.

White Wedding Cake - September 2015


Thank you so much for the cake, it looked beautiful and tasted heavenly. Everyone was talking about it for days after. Thank you for helping to make our wedding day perfect.

Naked Wedding Cake with Flowers - November 2015


The cake was amazing - thank you!

Sports Huddle Cake - November 2015


The cake was awesome - thank you!

Mike Wazowsky Cake - October '15


Amazing Cake, it was a success, everyone loved it, thank you soooo much!

Train Birthday Cake - October '16


Just like to say thank you very much, my wife loved the cake.

Pink Birthday Cake - October 2015


Everyone said the cake was a piece of art, and the birthday girl was very surprised to get a cake like that. Thank you for accepting my order and making it so quickly and creatively.

Birthday Cake with Orchids - October 2015

Daniel and KellyDaniel and Kelly

Our Wedding cake was really beautiful, thank you so much. We loved the butterflies and decoration and it tasted wonderful. The gluten free layer was equally delicious and tasted almost identical to the main cake. Thank you again so much - we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a special occasion cake.

Rose Cascade Wedding Cake - September 2015


Fantastic Cake!

Tree Wedding Anniversary Cake - August 2015

Soejata and MartinSoejata and Martin

Thank you - we were delighted with the cake and everyone really enjoyed it.

Red Drape Wedding Cake - September 2015

Lizzie and LiamLizzie and Liam

Thank you - the cake was beautiful!

Spider-Man Birthday Cake - September 2015


Thank you for making such a beautiful cake.

Marilyn Monroe Birthday Cake - September 2015


Thank you for the cake - it tastes lovely and everyone really likes it!

Footballer Birthday Cake - October 2015


The cake was fantastic! Gracie loved it and it tasted great.

Frozen Themed Birthday Cake - August 2015

David and SueDavid and Sue

Fantastic! It was a great hit, especially at such short notice. The best chocolate cake I have ever had.

Chocolate Birthday Cake - September 2015


We were delighted with the cake, everyone said it was delicious and stunning.

Naked Cake with Flowers for a Wedding - September 2015


Thank you so much for my wonderful birthday cake, I have never seen such a spectacular one. It made my day. I wish you continued success.

Chanel Handbag Cake - August 2015


Thank you for your great communication and for the cake, which was a triumph. Keep up the great work.

Record Cake - May 2015

Lizzie DelaneyLizzie Delaney

The cake was beautiful and tasted fantastic.

Blue and White Wedding Cake - June 2015


Many thanks for the beautiful cake - it was enjoyed by all.

July 2015


The cake was brilliant and very tasty - thank you!

Pigeon Cake - May2015


Doreen thank you for the lovely, lovely cake - it went down a storm and everyone commented how delicious it was.

Pink and Gold Cake - May 2015


The cake was wonderful Doreen - she loved it. Thank you so much for your effort.

White and Pink Heart Cake - February 2015


Thank you for the cakes, they were beautiful - everyone loved them. My favorite were the Mojito cupcakes.

Bob the Builder Cake and Grey Cake with Red Bow - May 2015


The cake was stunning and tasted delicious - thank you very much!

Lionel Messi Football Cake - October 2014


The birthday cake was amazing and raised many comments at the party. Beautiful fruit cake devoured there and then!

Pink Girlie Birthday Cake - September 2014


My husband was absolutely delighted with the cake - it was delicious. Unfortunately it went pretty quickly. Thank so much for all your help in keeping it a surprise for him.

Blue Gift Style Cake - September 2014


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the cake - and for going the extra and getting the balloons. It was a great cake - very pleased with it and it tasted lush!

Football Themed Birthday Cake - September 2014


The cake and the party were a great success - had many compliments about the cake.

BBQ Birthday Cake - September 2014

Samantha and CarlosSamantha and Carlos

Everyone thought the cake was fab - especially the Spanish. Thank you once again for your very good service - I shall be sure to recommend you.

Lillys and Butterflies Wedding Cake - August 2014


I must thank you for the cake - it was beautiful and my wife loved it!

Pink Birthday Cake with Gold Lace - October 2014


The cake was amazing - everyone loved it. I will always recommend you.

Wedding Cake with Yellow Flowers - September 2014

Mike and PennyMike and Penny

Thank you for the fab job you made of the cake - just lovely - A great job.

Thanks Doreen x

Ruffled Blue Ribbon Wedding Cake - June 2014


Thank you so much for the fab cake - it was truly more than we expected and there were a few happy tears at the party.

Mr Happy Cake - June 2014

Maryana AndersonMaryana Anderson

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful cake. We and the guests were amazed to say the least. It tasted great, so just the thing for a hungry crowd with drinks. Once again thank you for the beautiful creation.

Purple Rose Wedding Cake - May 2014

Anna and ChrisAnna and Chris

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful wedding cake - you did an amazing job at short notice and we couldn't be happier.

Sea Shell Wedding Cake - June 2014

Julia BeesleyJulia Beesley

Many Thanks for the Wedding Cake - it was a massive success - None left!

Rose Petal Wedding Cake. May 2014


The Fire Engine cake I ordered for my boyfriends birthday was made beautifully in a short space of time. In my haste Doreen had taken my needs and requests into consideration with care and was very polite. I was extremely satisfied with the end result. My boyfriend and his family and friends enjoyed it thoroughly and marked it "the best cake they had ever tasted". A triumph indeed!

May 2014


When we first met I knew it was going to be a good move. So much help and advice about the design and the type of cake. So accommodating about delivery too. Will certainly use again.

60th Birthday Cake- August 2013

Paul and Marcelle – Monte PegoPaul and Marcelle – Monte Pego

Bakerella made a cake for my 60th party, it was carrot cake iced in blue and white. The cake was delicious, moist and tasty and there was enough for a small slice for 40+ people. It was attractively iced and it was obvious just how much work had gone into the decoration as there was edible lace and other little delights around the cake.

Thanks for the effort

60th Birthday Cake

Chrissie and Stan EdwardsChrissie and Stan EdwardsLAPS ANIMAL CHARITY AND BOOKSTALL

Cutest and tastiest cupcakes on the Costas

Special celebration - discuss ideas with Bakerella. She has some fantastic themes and your guests will be delighted

Jacki MudgeJacki MudgeFinca Montgo Javier - proprietor, Member CBYA

Highly recommended for any of your cake needs

From the moment we made contact, I had total confidence that Bakerella would deliver exactly what was required. Her flavour ideas of white chocolate mud cake for the bag and Rosito Mojito cupcakes with fresh mango cream filling were fantastic.

Finca Montgo Javier will be using Bakerella again for sure.

50th Birthday - Shopping Bag Cake

A Regular CustomerA Regular Customer

Bakerella produces fabulous cakes which are beautifully decorated for all occasions . They are true works of art which taste very bit as good as they look.


The Birthday cakes were sensational and admired by everyone at the party. Such a talented lady and we will definitely be coming to her again for more delicious goodies.

December 2012 / May 2013
Floral birthday cake and Chanel Handbag Cake

HelenHelenEditor Different Magazine

Your cake, once again thank you… all good

The sponge was delicious with a light and delicate flavouring which seemed to improve and become stronger the longer it has been kept. The filling was superb also seemed to have a stronger taste as it was kept. The decoration was also stunning with a really pretty design. I will definitely recommend your service whenever I can.