What of Naked Cakes and other trends in Wedding Cakes – looking towards weddings in 2015.

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Naked Cakes make a big impression at weddings

The “Naked Cake” trend is gathering momentum – as more brides opt for dessert style cakes, or even dessert tables, the idea of a cake, without icing, stacked high, filled with delicious creams, drizzled with home made syrups and adorned with selections of fresh or sugar flowers, fresh fruits and berries, and even fresh herbs has become very appealing. As these cakes tend to be quite rustic in appearance,they are often finished with ribbons and hessian whilst the theme of the cake is carried down onto the display table. Hessian or satin table cloths with satin roses,pinned with fresh herbs and flowers spring to mind – or baskets of fruit and berries placed at the foot of the display table – all add to the theme of the wedding and create a “WOW” factor!

A Bakerella made 'Naked Cake'Bakerella is working on a Chocolate Naked Cake for Autumn and Winter. Adorned with chocolate truffles, winter berries, deep red flowers and drizzled with white and dark chocolate sauces maybe with a hint if cinnamon? You don’t have to wait for a wedding – this style of cake can be adapted to any occasion or may even make a special Christmas Cake.

As an antidote to rustic, sequined and metallic finishes are also coming to the fore, and lace as always continues to be a favourite of most brides .

Contact Bakerella on 630452621 or email Bakerellacakes@gmail.com – let’s discuss how we can make your event special.

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